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How to build a food dehydrator free informations

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Sunny or Shady!
No matter if you live on the 5th floor of an apartment building, you can build it and put it on your fire escape or balcony, even in the house, to dry all the fruits and vegetables you want.
Click on the picture above to view more details.

I used two wall hooks as front legs and one wheel as back leg. Click on the picture above to view more details.

I used that particular type of Clear Plastic Storage Container for the demonstration but I could have used many other types, as long as it would have served my needs.

To protect the air exhaust vent, I used a plastic hand strainer, from which I cut the handle.

To prevent bugs and flies to get inside the dehydrator I have formed a screen to fit into the fan guard as shown in the pictures underneath.

I used clear Silicone around the fan wire not only to stop the wire rubbing on the Plastic Storage Container but also to make it insect's proof.

It worth building such piece of equipment even if it only filled a need to blow off some steam after a stressful day at work! You will enjoy and benefit from it anyways.

Dehydrated fruit, not only a long storage food when properly processed, also provides a wonderful boost to the variety of your food storage plan. It can also give an added dimension to your everyday cooking and its so much fun doing it.

To cut the fan and the exhaust holes, I used the solder gun for the air exhaust holes and used a Cut-Out Tool with circle cutting guide showed in the picture with all the other tools and they both did a good job.

How to build a heat guard that will help spreading the heat more equably

To build it: I used an old steel ashtray and some left-over wall angles used in suspended drop ceilings on construction.

If you wish to turn this dehydrator into a solar food dehydrator, remove the electric lamp and set it of the side as shown in picture above and in photo #14, cover the bottom of the dehydrator with aluminum foil. Close the door and place the dehydrator in direct sunlight (the back and side facing the sun) to dry your food.

To make the shelves tracks, I used some wall angles used in suspended drop ceilings on construction. Its not expensive and can easily be found in construction materials suppliers.

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